“Sonnenschein”  Bippen

                                   Zuverlässige Kinderbetreuung in Ihrer Nähe

All your child care needs under one roof,

On this page i would like to introduce myself to you.

I am married with two children (24 and 7); we are a big patch work family, the children from my husband Sean (31, 26, and 21) are all grown up and have left the nest.

Our youngest is in school, however on his return he joins in with the fun and games.


I am a fully trained Chef (1988) and Office Administrator (2002).

In 2008 i qualified as a child minder. (Tagesmuter) and have been working with young children since then. In 2010 we started Sonnenschein Bippen.



Halina Leonard-Schäfer


Ahornweg 10

49626 Bippen

Phone: 05435 954595

Fax:05435 954596

E-mail: halina.schaefer@osnanet.de


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